Figure 24-2 – Cisco ATM and Layer 3 Switch Router OL-1911-05 User Manual

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ATM and Layer 3 Switch Router Software Configuration Guide


Chapter 24

Configuring ATM Router Module Interfaces

Overview of the ATM Router Module

Figure 24-2 ATM Router Module Traffic Flow (Catalyst 8540 MSR)

Catalyst 8540 MSR Enhanced ATM Router Module Features

The Catalyst 8540 MSR enhanced ATM router module offers the following benefits:

Interoperates with all of the Layer 3 switching interface modules available for the
Catalyst 8540 CSR chassis. For more information on the Catalyst 8540 CSR Layer 3 interface
modules, refer to the ATM and Layer 3 Module Installation Guide.

Provides an integrated high performance link between ATM and Layer 3 cards. The ATM router
module provides an aggregate switching capacity of 2 Gbps between ATM and Layer 3 ports
(2 x 1-Gbps interfaces per module). Data transfers to the switch core at the rate of 1 Gbps.

Simplifies management.


Occupies only one slot in the chassis.

Supports multiprotocol encapsulation over ATM (RFC 1483) switched virtual connections (SVCs),
soft permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) and permanent PVCs with either ATM adaptation layer 5
(AAL5) Subnetwork Access Protocol (SNAP) or AAL5 MUX encapsulation.

Supports classical ATM over IP (RFC 1577) SVCs and PVCs.

Standard and extended access control list (ACL) support for IP, and standard ACL support for IPX.

For information configuring on IP ACLs, see

Chapter 11, “Using Access Control,”

and refer to the

“Configuring IP Services” chapter in the Cisco IOS IP and IP Routing Configuration Guide. For
information configuring on IPX ACLs, refer to the “Configuring Novell IPX” chapter in the Cisco
IOS AppleTalk and Novell IPX Configuration Guide

Interface slot

ATM interface module

FE or GE interface module

Interface slot

Route processor

Switch processor

Switch processor

Switch processor

Route processor

Interface slot

Interface slot

Interface slot

Interface slot

Power supply 1

Power supply 2

ATM router module

ATM cells NNI

LANE signalling

IPX packets/
Ethernet frames