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clcarkal ippUaocc». task oTecy prtcautkKU «bouki аЫзр be foOowed

tnduding (he foUcw^ng:

1» Read all tmmicbofu.

t. Do iKA touch boC яжЬсся. Uae handle»

or knob».

S. To protect


electhcad »hock, do not


€04^ phigi, or the apphanoe la

water or other hquki.



fupcrvtsk» U


when utcd

by or E>ear childm.

& Cophig from outlet when not



and before dcaning. Allow to cool
before putting oo or taking off part»,
and before cleaning the appliance.

e. Do not operate any ^>plaoce %dth a

damaged cord or or after the
appliance nulfuncdoo», or baa been
damaged in any manner. Cali our
tolkbre cuuomer аииеапгг number Cor

Infonnabon on eaaminabon, repair or


7» The uie of acoeaaory auachmenta

not rccommeoded by ibe apphance
manx^Kturer may саше injuriea.

8. Do not ШС outdoors.
9. Do not k< <x»d hang ow edge of

table or counter, or touch hoc surface».

I(k Do not place on or near hot ga» or an

electric bumo; or in a heated oven.

11* Extreme cautioo must be uwd %vben

moring an

concaink^ hoc


IL Todiseocmect warming tny, ture

control switch to Off, teraove plug


IS» This appliance


for 1 louaebold Use

Only. Do not ше applxaoce for ocher
than its intended use.

14. Ik> not kavc unic unanended while to



Consumer Safety Information

Ihb product k toiended for hourohoki


This appliance k equipped with a grouxiding
plug. ph^ has (wo blade» and one pin.
Hu» feature k uwd to he^> reduce the rkk
of electric »hock If the plug doe» not fit fully
miotbe eleuikad outlet, contact a qualified
electrician. Do not modiiy (he plug in any
way or use an adaptor.
CAUITCM •Tomnnr coottoued protecdoo
agatosi rkk of riectric ihodt, connect (o
property grounded oudets only.

A short powenfupply cord k peprided to

reduce the risk resutong firotn becoming
entangled to or crippingover a longer cord.

Iwonger detachable power-supply cords or

eauecutoo cords are avaiLabk aisd may be
used if care b exerdsed to (heir use. If an

eatenrion cord k used, thè marked «lectrial

radog cf (he attextoon cord ahoukl bc ai
toast a» greai as thè electrkai ratk^ of (he
apphaace. Tìic cord sbould be arranged io
ti^ il will noe drape over thè countenop or
tsbletop where il can be pcdlcd

00 by

childreQ or (ripped over untotentkwially.
Tbe extcniioa cord sbould be a grounding*

type Swkeconl

To avoid an dectrical circuii overtoad. do

Dot use a wattage applkoce <m (he

sanse drcult ai thesvaming uay.

Wet qx>nge or do(h used tò wipe ^)iUs on
a hotcooktogam,

will nvuitin


»team bum. Some deaoen can produce


ifapphed (oaboCfurtoce.

Ahrxys IciappUancc eoo! before


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