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How to Use Your Warming Tray

1* Plug into S wire groundii^ cmilet

And (oggie switch to ON.

2. WanwngTnywiU requireSto 10

minuto to heatup to temperature
for use.

Note: Warimng Tray will reach a maximum temperature of 24ST. 120^0.


1* Porodain and china dishes may cause

scratches. Place dishes carefully on

the stainkss steel heating surface so

they do not scratch.

2* Never touch stainless steel hot Affface

before cooling down.

S. Do not place dishes at the edge of the

tray to dishes foiling.

4. It boot recommended to place more

than 22 lbs. (10kg) on the Warming Tray.

5. Not rocoounended for use more than


Helpful Hints

1* Ensure that the Warming Tray b

ahva>s pbced on a flatarm stitfdy

2* Cmered shallow baking dbhes with

flat baacs keeps food the warmest

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