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How to Use Your Deep Fryer (Cont.)

disconnected, the user should
iininediately nnplng the cord set iiom
the wall outlet, then reconnet t the
magnetic cord to the socket.


Venir Deep Fryer is piovided with

a satei)' protection device:

11 the Control Panel .V.ssernhly is not
|)toperh placed on the Stainless Steel
Exterior', the Cemtrol Panel Assembly
will not ojieiate.

How to Clean Your Deep Fryer

WARNING: Always turn control to "OFF"
then disconnect plug from wall outlet

BEFORE disconnecting BREAK-AWAY


• Do not immerse cord sets in water

or any liejnids.

• Do not attempt to defeat the

eletachable magnetic Break-away
t:ord system by trying to
permanently attach cord set to

• Do not stick pins or other sharp

objects in holes on magnetic cor d

• Do not ii,se any type of steel wool to

clean magnetic contacts.

1. Unplug from outlet and allow unit

to cool completely.

2. Remove Break-away magnetic corrl

from the tryer socket.

S. Clean the outside of the Deep Fryer

and lid with a damp cloth.


Do not use abr asive pads or


1. Remove Frying Basket. Wash the

Frying Basket in the dishwasher or
with hot soapy water. Rinse and

towel dry carefitlly.

,5. l.ift Control Panel Assembly itp

from backside of fryer;


Be sure you have allowed

enough time, after using, for Control
Panel Assembly to cool dowai

Carefully lift Oil Reservoir out by
holding the rim of the bowl. Oil can be
stored in Oil Reservoir using the Plastic
Storage Lid. See Tips for Oil Use and
Storage on page 8.

6. The Basket, Lid, Storage Lid and Oil

Reservoir are dishwasher safe. Dry all
parts thoroughly after cleaning.

T he Control PamT .Assembly should
never be immer sed into water or-
otfrer liquids. Gently clean tbe outer
surface of the Control Panel
Assembly with a damp cloth
containing mild soap solution or
plain water.

Ensure that both the
lid and the Oil


Reservoir are
completely dty
after washing and
befor e

Figure 3

9 .Alter cleaning,

Control Panel

.Assembly onto

the Stainless Steel
Exterior (See
ligur e 3). I'he
Contr ol Panel

Assembly must be
attached projverly
to the back of the Suiinless Steel
Exterior or the appliance will not

10.for storage, Folding Basket Handle

can be folded down to fit inside the
Oil Reservoir.

Frying Time and Temperature

TTie frying times in this chart ar e a guide and should be adjusted to suit the
different (|uamities or thickness of food and to suit your own taste.




Chicken Strips

375” F

5 to 8

Chicken pieces, bone-in

360” F

15 to 20

Fish, Battered

375” F

4 to 5

French fries, frozen

Follow directions on package


375” F

2 to 4

Onion Rings

375° F

2 t o 3

Shrimp, breaded

360° F

2 to 4

Service or Repair

Periodically check handle and feet screws for looseness using a Phillips head screwdriver; Carefully,
retighten the screws as necessary. CAUTION: Over tightening can result in stripping of screws or
nuts or cracking of handles or feet.

This appliance has no other user serviceable parts. Do not attempt to repair this appliance
should it malfunction. Contact the Customer Assistance Number located on the back page of
this instruction manual.