GE SmartWater PNRV12 User Manual

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Locate 3/8" tubing that stipplies tlie prodtici water to the
RO faucet At a convenient point between the faucet and tlie
electronics box, cut the tubing and install the 3/8" tee fitting.
Cionnect one end of the 33 ft. length of 3/8" blue tubing to the
tee, as shown in Fig. 13.

Turn off the icemaker.

I'um off current icemaher water source

(if applicable). Disconnect the present water source tubing

from the refrigerator.

Cionnect the brass tubing adapter from the parts bag to the
free end of the 33 ft. length of 3/8" blue tubing. Attach the
other end of the adapter to the icemaker water calve. Be sure
to install the plastic washer into the tubing adapter as shown
in Fig. 14.


Turn on the water supply to the Reverse Osmosis system. Check

the shutoff valve on top of the extra storage tank to ensure it is
in the open position. Sanitize the system (see next page).

5. Check hie instaiiation for leaks.

Turn die icemaker back on.

Fig. 12

Tills tLibirig adapter caii be used

on most icemakens. Obtain needed
fitting for other’s.

Tank shutoff valve

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