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Cleaning the Contoured Well Areas, Burner Cap, Burner Head and Burner Drip Pans {some models)

The contoured well areas, burner cap, burner head and burnerdrip pans (some models) should be routinely cleaned.

Keeping the burner ports clean will prevent improper ignition and an uneven flame. Refer to the following instructions:

To Clean the Recessed & Contoured Areas of the Cooktop - If a spill occurs on or in
the recessed or contoured areas, blot up spill with an absorbent cloth. Rinse with a
clean, damp cloth and wipe dry.

To Remove and Replace the Surface Burner Caps & Surface Burner Heads -

Remove in thefollowing order: (1st) surface burnergrate, (2nd) surface burnercap, (3rd)
surface burnerhead and (4th) surface burnerdrip pan (if equipped).

Reverse the procedure above to replace the surface burner cap, surface bu rnerhead and
surface burner drip pans (if equipped). Do not remove any parts from the cooktop

until they have completely cooled and are safe to handle. Do not operate the

surface burners without the surface burner cap and surface burner head properly

in place.

To Clean the Surface Burner Cap, Surface Burner Head & Surface Burner Drip

Pan (some models) - Use a soap-filled scouring pad ora mild abrasive cleanser to

clean the surface burnercaps, surface burnerheads and surface burnerdrip pans (if

equipped). The ports (or slots) around the burnerhead must be routinely cleaned. If
residue still remains in these ports, use a small-gauge wire or needle to clean the slots

or holes. For proper flow of gas and ignition of the burner—DO NOT ALLOW SPILLS,

ORIFICE HOLDER OPENING. ALWAYS keep the surface burner cap and surface burner
head in place whenever a surface burneris in use.

Removing & Replacing the Lift-Off Oven Door

General Care & Cleaning (confd)


Fig. 2


The door is heavy. For safe, temporary storage, lay the doorflat with

the inside of the door facing down.
To Remove Oven Door:

1. Open oven door completely (horizontal with floor- See Fig. 1).

2. Pull the door hinge locks on both left and right door hinges down from the

oven frame completely towards the oven door (See Fig. 2). A tool such as a
small flat-blade screwdriver may be required.

3. Firmly grasp both sides of oven door along the door sides (Do not use the

oven door handle - See Fig. 3).

4. Close the door to the broil stop position (the oven door will stop into this

position just before fully closing).

5. With the oven door in the broil stop position, lift the oven door hinge arms

over the roller pins located on each side of the oven frame (See Fig. 4).

To Replace Oven Door:



Pin I____







Firmly grasp both sides of oven door along the door sides (Do not use the

oven door handle - See Fig. 3).

Holding the oven door at the same angle as the removal position, seat the
hook of the hinge arm over the roller pins located on each side of the oven

doorframe (See Fig. 4). The hook of the hinge arms must be fully seated
onto the roller pins.

Fully open the oven door (horizontal with floor - See Fig. 1).
Push the door hinge locks up towards and into the oven frame on both left

and right oven door hinges (See Fig. 2) to the locked position.
Close the oven door.

Fig. 4


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