Before, Call, Contmmdi – FRIGIDAIRE Refrigerator User Manual

Page 25: Problem cause correction

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Ice maker is not making
enough ice.

Ice maker is producing less ice

than you expect.

Ice maker should produce approximately 4-5 pounds

of ice every 24 hours.

Extra Ice

should produce up to 6

pounds of ice every 24 hours.

Freezer is not cold enough.







Household wafer line valve is

not completely open.

Turn on household water line valve.

Check to see if water

dispenser is dispensing slower
than normal.

If it is, replace the ice


water filter cartridge.

Ice maker will not stop
making ice.

Ice maker wire signal arm is

being held down by some item
in the freezer.

Move item and release wire signal arm. Remove any

ice cubes that are frozen together over the wire signal

Ice maker is not separating
the ice cubes.

Ice cubes are not being used

frequently enough.

Remove and shake ice container to separate cubes.

• Ice cubes are hollow or smaller

than normal.

• The ice & water filter cartridge may be clogged.

Replace filter cartridge.

Ice has bad odor and taste.

• Ice has picked up odor or

flavor from strong food stored
in refrigerator or freezer.

• Cover foods tightly. Discard stale ice. Ice maker will

produce fresh supply.

• Wafer running to ice maker

has poor taste or odor.

Add filter to water supply line. Consult a water

purifying company.

• Ice not used frequently enough.

Discard stale ice.


Dispenser will not dispense

Ice storage container is empty.

When the first supply of ice is dropped into the

container, the dispenser should operate.

Freezer temperature is set too


Turn freezer control to a higher setting so that ice

cubes will be made. When first supply of ice is made,
dispenser should operate.

Household water line valve is

not open.

Open household water line valve. Allow sufficient time

for the ice to be made. When ice is made, the
dispenser should operate.

Freezer door is not closed.

Ensure freezer door is closed.

Ice dispensing arm has been

held in for more than 4-5

Motor is overloaded. Motor overload protector will

reset in approximately 3 minutes. Ice can then be

Ice dispenser is jammed.

Ice has melted and frozen
around auger due to infrequent
use, temperature fluctuations,
and/or power outages.

Ice cubes are jammed
between ice maker and back
of ice container.

Remove ice container, thaw, and empty the contents.
Clean container, wipe dry, and replace in proper
position. When new ice is made, dispenser should

Remove ice cubes that are jamming the dispenser.

Ice cubes are frozen together.

Use the dispenser often so that cubes do not freeze


Ice cubes are hollow or smaller

than normal.

The ice


water filter cartridge could be clogged.

Replace the filter cartridge. Dispensing system
operates best at 20 - 100 psi water pressure. Well

water pressures should fall within this range.