Kenmore W10026671A User Manual

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We have taken great care to give your new washer the most convenient and easy-to-use features. Use this guide to help optimize the use of your
washer. Consult the Use and Care Guide for more detailed instructions. To contact the Sears Service Center, call 1-800-4-MY-HOME® (1-800-469-4663).

Small Medium

Cool Warm



Models/Modelos/Modèles 110.2942*, 2943*, 2944*




Electrical Shock Hazard

Fire Hazard

Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.

Never place items in the washer that are dampened

Do not remove ground prong.

with gasoline or other flammable fluids.

Do not use an adapter.

No washer can completely remove oil.

Do not use an extension cord.

Do not dry anything that has ever had any type of oil on

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death,

fire, or electrical shock.

it (including cooking oils).

Doing so can result in death, explosion, or fire.

f Measure detergent and pour into washer.

Drop sorted load loosely into washer. Load evenly

around agitator to maintain balance.

Optional step: Pour measured liquid chlorine bleach into
the liquid chlorine bleach dispenser (on some models).

Optional step: Pour measured liquid fabric softener into
the fabric softener dispenser (on some models).

Close the lid.

Select Cycle and adjust modifiers and options based
on your load.

Pull out Cycle Selector (Timer) knob to start.

Push in Cycle Selector (Timer) knob to stop the washer.


Adjust to load size. Clothes should move freely.

To change the water level after the wash action starts,

you may turn knob to desired setting.


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