Introduction, Applications – Drawmer 1960 Mic-Pre/Tube Compressor User Manual

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The 1960 is a hybrid vacuum tube/semi-conductor, dual-channel compressor which has
numerous applications in studio recording, live sound, location recording, post-
production and as part of a musician's rack system.

The microphone input stages feature extremely low noise, balanced input circuitry with
additional tube amplification, enabling modern microphones to take on the
characteristics of older tube models.



General studio compressor


Complete stereo mixes.


For high quality location recording, the 1960 makes the perfect partner for

a DAT machine, as it combines the functions of stereo mic preamp with
that of a compressor.


The mic inputs provide up to 60dB of gain.


As an instrument amplifier, the 1960 provides gain, EQ and compression,
providing the type of overdrive sound associated with tube guitar


W hen the compressor is overdriven, it can be used creatively on electric

guitar or rock vocal sounds.


The Aux input may be used for processing the output from a dedicated
guitar preamplifier, where the EQ can be used to further tailor the sound
before it is compressed.