Installation power connection – Drawmer 1973 Three Band Stereo FET Compressor User Manual

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The unit will have been supplied with a power cable suitable
for domestic power outlets in your country. For your own safety
it is important that you use this cable. The unit should always
be connected to the mains supply earth using this cable, and
no other.

If for some reason the unit is to be used at a mains input
operating voltage which is different to that as supplied, the
following procedure must be carried out.

1: Disconnect the unit from the mains.
2: Remove the two screws holding the voltage selection


3: Remove the cover plate and slide the switch fully to its

opposite end.

4: Rotate the cover plate one half turn (180 degrees) and

refit the two screws.

5: Replace with a correctly rated fuse for the selected

operation voltage in the IEC socket:
230V-T250mA and 115V-T500mA

6: Re-connect to mains power source.

Never disconnect the earth

from the mains supply

The 1961 is designed for standard 19" rack mounting and occupies 2U of rack space. Fibre or plastic
washers may be used to prevent the front panel becoming marked by the mounting bolts.

- Care should be taken in the choice of positioning. The unit should not be mounted where other
equipment obstructs the normal air flow. The unit should not be situated near any heat source, such
as a radiator, stove or a high power amplifier that would generate heat.
- The appliance should not be operated near any water or in a location where moisture might be
- Always connect the mains earth to the unit.

If the 1973 is to be continuously moved from one location to another, we suggest using additional support in
the rack at the rear of the unit.