Quick setup procedure – Drawmer 1973 Three Band Stereo FET Compressor User Manual

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Please note that the following procedure is only a guide. All audio is different, requiring numerous settings, however,
this should give a good staring point:

1) Set the compressor settings to be the same on all bands - Threshold fully counter-clockwise, Gain at 0dB,
the Attack in a mid position (2 or 3) and Release set to F(ast). The overall Gain control should be set to 0dB,
and the Mix at 0 (Wet).

2) Turn on the Bypass switch (bottom right) so that the input signal is heard without compression and adjust the

incoming signal until the VU meters rear 0dB. Set the Bypass switch back to Normal.

3) With the Low X-Over Frequency set fully counter-clockwise, and the High X-Over Frequency set fully clockwise,

listen to the audio and bring in the two knobs to the positions that you think the cross-over points should be set
- generally to separate the main bass and treble sounds from the mid-range. Using a combination of Mute and
Bypass switches for the various bands allows the operator to monitor only the frequencies that are required and so
tune the low, mid and high frequencies.

4) Keeping an eye on the Gain Reduction Meters alter the Threshold level control for each band until the desired

compression level is achieved - a G.R. level up to -10dB is acceptable.

5) Adjust the Gain control of each band until 0dB is reached on the Output VU meter. To see only the band that

is being adjusted on the VU meter Mute the other two bands.

6) Set the Attack and Release settings of each band to suit the audio being compressed.

7) The Threshold and Gain of each band can be modified to achieve the desired compression, levels and tonal

balance to the overall signal.

8) At this point the Bypass switch can be toggled to listen to the affect that the 1973 is having on the audio.

Adjust to suit.

9) Once each band is setup correctly modify the overall Output Gain and Mix until the VU meters read 0dB

(more if in +10dB VU mode) and the desired amount of compression is heard.

Below is an example setup that could be used for a General Pop Mix, though, of course, as all music is diverse and
varied, will not be ideal elsewhere.