Cisco 2900 User Manual

About this guide, Document objectives

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About This Guide xvii

About This Guide

This section discusses the objectives, intended audience, and organization of the Catalyst
2900 User Guide
, and defines the conventions used to convey instructions and information.

Cisco documentation and additional literature are available on a CD called Cisco
Connection Documentation, Enterprise Series. The CD is updated and shipped monthly so
it might be more current than printed documentation. To order the Cisco Connection
Documentation, Enterprise Series CD, contact your local sales representative or call
Customer Service. The CD is available both as a single CD and as an annual subscription.
You can also access Cisco technical documentation on the World Wide Web URL



The Cisco Connection Documentation, Enterprise Series CD was previously called


Document Objectives

This publication describes specific procedures for preparing your site and network
equipment for the initial installation of the Catalyst 2900 hardware and software for the
startup. It also describes procedures you can use in the future to modify or upgrade your
system. It guides you through the initial site preparation, hardware installation, and startup
of your new switch. After you install the hardware, you will use the appropriate companion
publications to configure your system software. Maintenance procedures and guidelines for
the general care and upkeep of your new switch are also included. All additions or upgrades
to the switch hardware or software image (firmware) that you order from the factory are
accompanied by configuration notes that provide product-specific installation instructions
and up-to-date product information.