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Document Conventions

Document Conventions

This publication uses the following conventions.

Command descriptions use these conventions:

Examples that contain system prompts denote interactive sessions, indicating the
commands that you should enter at the prompt. The system prompt indicates the current
level of the EXEC command interpreter. For example, the prompt



that you should be at the user level, and the prompt


indicates that

you should be at the privileged level. Access to the privileged level usually requires a
password. Refer to the related software configuration and reference publications for
additional information.

Commands and keywords are in boldface font.

Arguments for which you supply values are in italic font.

Elements in square brackets ([ ]) are optional.

Alternative but required keywords are grouped in braces ({ }) and separated by vertical
bars (|).

Examples use these conventions:

Terminal sessions and sample console screen displays are in



Information you enter is in

boldface screen


Nonprinting characters, such as passwords, are in angle brackets (< >).

Default responses to system prompts are in square brackets ([ ]).

Exclamation points (!) at the beginning of a line indicate a comment line.


Means reader be careful. In this situation, you might do something that could

result in equipment damage or loss of data.


Means reader take note. Notes contain helpful suggestions or

references to materials not contained in this manual.