Fawcett 101 Series Powerhead User Manual

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Please follow the below safety precautions. If there are
any questions, please call FAWCETT at 330 659-4187.
Please read this complete manual before trying to operate
your mixer. Failure to follow these instructions could result
in serious bodily injury or death.
• Do not touch moving parts while mixer is operating.

Do not wear loose-fitting clothes or jewelry around an
operating mixer. Keep all hands, feet, clothes, neckties,
necklaces and other objects clear of moving parts.

• Never move the unit with the motor running.
• Have a qualified individual bring air to your unit.
• Never run the unit in open air.
• Never adjust the speed without the unit running.

Air Motor Safety:

The air motor is designed to be driven by compressed air
and under no circumstances be driven with any other
gases. Fluids, particles, solids or any substance mixed
with air, particularly combustible substances likely to
cause explosions, must not drive air motor.
• Air motor is designed for air only. Do not allow corrosive
gases or particulate material to enter motor. Water vapor,
oil-based contaminants, or other liquids must be filtered
• Do not use a hammer or force coupling onto shaft when
installing drive onto air motor. This causes end thrust that
could damage air motor.
• Ambient temperature should not exceed 200°F.
• Beware of any exposed and/or movable parts to prevent
personal and/or property damage.
• Solid or liquid material exiting unit can cause eye or skin
damage. Keep away from air stream.
• Always disconnect air supply before servicing.
• Do not allow air motor to “run free” at high speeds with
no loads. Excessive internal heat build-up, loss of
internal clearances and rapid motor damage will result.
• Some models may exceed 85dB (A) sound level.
Hearing protection should be worn when in close
proximity to these models.


• All models include an air control valve (types vary).
• Air motors include exhaust muffler.

LS-2200GR – Gear Driven Series

Gear Drive Models - The 15:1 ratio gearhead provides plenty
of torque for all sorts of tough jobs. They will quickly mix
containers of higher viscosity materials like heavy paints,
resins, polymers, etc., as well as re-suspend settled materials.
As the direct drive models above, they come with a valve and


Before removing any packing, visually inspect the exterior of
the shipment for any sign of damage. Should there be any
damage, bring it to the attention of the delivering UPS or truck
line and note the same on the receiving ticket. Should there be
damage you must place a claim with the truck line. They are
the only ones who will pay for the damage done and you are
the only one who can place that claim.