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FAWCETT, Inc. PH manual 04/06

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Thank you for purchasing this Fawcett product. It is
manufactured to the highest standards using quality materials.
Please follow all recommended maintenance, operational and
safety instructions and you will receive years of trouble free

Product Use Criteria:
• Operate at temperature up to 250ºF (121ºC).
• Protect unit from dirt and moisture.
• Use ONLY compressed air to drive motor.
• Air lines connected to motor should be the same size or the
next size larger than the intake port for efficient output and
speed control.
• Protect all surrounding items from exhaust air.
• Bearings are grease packed.
• Use #AD220 or a detergent SAE#10 automotive engine oil
for lubricating.

General information

• Clearances: Model Total End Clearance (in/mm) Top
Clearance (in/mm)
LS101 0.0020/0.0508 0.0015/0.0381
LS102 0.0025/0.0635 0.0015/0.0381
LS103 0.0035/0.0889 0.0015/0.0381
LS104 0.0035/0.0889 0.0015/0.0381
LS105 0.0048/0.1219 0.0015/0.0381

• Vane Life: Depends upon speed, operating pressure and
motor maintenance.
• Operating Pressure: 100 psi or below (7 bar)

Correct installation is your responsibility.
Make sure you
have the proper installation conditions and that the specified
installation clearances are available.


Check the direction of the motor airflow. A single rotation motor
will operate properly only in one direction. Install a filter in the
air line before the connection to the motor. Connect lines to
motor in the proper direction. A reversible motor will work
equally well in both directions. Connecting a 4-way valve with
piping to both air ports of the motor will make reversing
Do not add any thrust to the end or side of the shaft when
making connections. Do not use a hammer on the shaft or

This product can be installed in any orientation. Mount the
motor to a solid base plate that is mounted to a stable, rigid
operating surface. Install a pressure regulator or simple shut-
off valve to control motor.

Consult your Fawcett Co. representative for additional filter
recommendations. Install a moisture trap and filter in the air
line ahead of the motor. For the most efficient output and
control of speed, use air lines that are the same size or the
next pipe size larger than the motor intake port. An
automatic air line lubricator should be installed 18” or as
close as possible in the air line just ahead of the motor.
Adjust the lubricator to feed one drop of oil for every 50-75
CFM of air moving through the motor. Air consumption at
various speeds and pressures are available from your local
Fawcett representative.
It is your responsibility to operate this product at
recommended speeds, loads and room ambient
temperatures. Do not run the motor at high speeds with
no load. This will result in excessive internal heat that
may cause motor damage.
The starting torque is less than the running torque. The
starting torque will vary depending upon the position of the
vanes when stopped in relation to the air intake port. Use a
pressure regulator and/or simple shut-off valve to regulate
the motor’s speed and torque. This will provide the required
power and will conserve air.


Injury Hazard

Air stream from product may contain solid or liquid
material that can result in eye or skin damage. Do Not
use combustible gases to drive this motor. Wear hearing
protection. Sound level from motor may exceed 85db(A).
Failure to follow these instructions can result in burns,
eye injury or other serious injury.

Air Power:

Check to ensure the air valve is in the closed position, then
connect air supply. Check rotation to be sure the mixer shaft
is rotating in a clockwise direction, looking downward into the

Once the mixer is in the container, it is now safe to operate.


• Never run mixer without an Impeller.

• Never run the impeller in open air.

• Never run impeller outside a container.