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We, as the kit manufacturer, provide you with a top quality,
thoroughly tested kit and instructions, but ultimately the
quality and fl yability of your fi nished model depends
on how you build it; therefore, we cannot in any way
guarantee the performance of your completed model, and
no representations are expressed or implied as to the
performance or safety of your completed model.

Remember: Take your time and follow the instructions to
end up with a well-built model.


Radio Control System

The Rx-R version of your Millennium requires you supply your

own 4-channel transmitter and receiver. The Tx-R version comes
equipped with a Tactic

TR624 6-Channel 2.4GHz receiver, so

you’ll need either a Tactic TX600 6-channel 2.4GHz transmitter
or any other 4-channel (or more) transmitter compatible with
the Tactic AnyLink

2.4GHz radio adapter (TACJ2000)*. Using

the AnyLink allows any compatible transmitter to work with
the Tactic receiver.

✱ Visit to see the AnyLink compatibility chart or

contact Product Support at the contact information on page 4.


The motor and propeller combination included with the

Millennium are matched to work with an 11.1V (3S) 1800mAh
20C LiPo battery such as the Flyzone battery (HCAA6430)
included with the Tx-R. Any other LiPo with similar specifi cations
should also be suitable, but keep in mind that at approximately
5.5 oz. [160g] an 1800mAh battery is the “sweet spot” for the
Millennium. While a larger, 2100mAh battery is a perfectly
suitable alternative and has more capacity for theoretically
longer fl ight times, the heavier weight can be detected in
fl ight requiring slightly higher throttle settings for the same
performance and only marginally longer fl ight times. On an

1800mAh battery the Millennium should fl y for at least seven

minutes. Technical Info: At full-throttle with the included
propeller the motor draws approximately 24A on the ground
and approximately 20A in-fl ight. The average current draw in
fl ight is approximately 12A for an average current consumption
of approximately 205mAh per minute. Battery condition, fl ying
style and weather conditions may cause performance to vary.

Note: LiPo batteries that come with a Deans


Ultra Plug


connector will require a SuperTigre-to-Deans Ultra Male
adapter (SUPM0040) so the battery can be connected to the



connector on the ESC.


The Tx-R comes equipped with a Great Planes


3S LiPo

balancing Smart Charger. The Smart Charger is a safe way
to charge your LiPo battery, but it’s very basic and just enough
to get you started. The Smart Charger charges at a rate of

.8 Amps, so it will take at least one-and-a-half hours or more

to charge your battery. Eventually you’ll want to get more

batteries and an advanced charger so you can charge faster
and fl y more! For the most versatility, convenience and faster
charging, the Great Planes ElectriFly




Charger (GPMM3155) is highly recommended for the Rx-R and
as an upgrade charger for the Tx-R and perfect for batteries
used with the Millennium. The Triton EQ may be powered either

by an external DC power source (such as a 12V battery), or
a 110V AC outlet and can charge your batteries in as little
as a half-hour or less (depending on the condition of your
batteries and the manufacturer’s specifi ed charge rate). The

Triton EQ also has an LCD digital display screen so you can

see how much capacity it took to charge the battery (handy
for making calculations including fl ight time). The Triton EQ is
a charger you can “grow into” because in addition to charging
the LiPo batteries that will be used in your Millennium, it can
also charge many other types and sizes of batteries.

Note: For use with the Triton EQ, LiPo batteries that come with
a Deans


Ultra Plug


connector will require a Charge Lead

with banana plugs/Deans Ultra Male charge lead (GPMM3148).
Batteries that come with SuperTigre connectors will require
a Charge Lead banana plugs / SuperTigre Charge Lead


Glue ,Tools , and Building Supplies

Other than common hobby tools the only requirements for
getting your Millennium airborne are medium or thin CA
for attaching the tail surfaces and threadlocker for some of
the screws that should be checked before fl ying. CA gluing
applicator tips are also recommended when using CA:

❍ 1/2 oz. Great Planes Medium CA (GPMR6007)

❍ Hobbico CA applicator tips (HCAR3780)

❍ Great Planes Pro

Threadlocker (GPMR6060)

NOTE: The stabilizer and wing incidences and motor thrust
angles have been factory-built into this model. However,
some technically-minded modelers may wish to check these
measurements anyway. To view this information visit the web
site at and click on “Technical Data.” Due
to manufacturing tolerances which will have little or no effect
on the way your model will fl y, please expect slight deviations
between your model and the published values.

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