Charging the battery pack – Flyzone HCAA41 User Manual

Page 6

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Follow the same procedure to install the nose gear
as shown.


The included 12V DC Peak Charger can be plugged
directly into an automobile 12V receptacle. The
charger can also be powered with 120V AC by
using the AC wall adapter. The AC wall adapter can
be plugged into any household outlet and when
connected to the charger, it provides a convenient

way to recharge the SkyFly 2 battery when a 12V
source is unavailable. NEVER PLUG THE BATTERY

• To begin charging the battery pack, plug the 12V

peak charger into your automobile or 120V AC
outlet (using the AC adapter). If plugged into the
AC outlet, plug the peak charger into the adapter.
(When the charger is plugged into the power source
you will hear short beeps. This will stop once the
battery is plugged into it).

• Connect the pack to the white connector on the

charger. The battery can only connect to the 12V
charger in one direction. Do not force it. If using
the charger in an automobile, do not have the
engine running—overcharging the battery may
(When the battery is plugged in correctly,
the charger will stop emitting the short beeps that
were heard when you plugged in the charger).

• The red light on the front of the charger will be

solidly lit during the charging process.

• The peak charger will automatically detect when

the battery pack is fully charged and terminate the
peak charge. The red light will fl ash and beeping
will occur when the battery is fully charged. Typical
charge time for a depleted pack is approximately
1 hour. The actual time the charger takes to fully
charge the SkyFly 2 battery pack may vary. If you
try to charge a fully charged battery, it may take up
to 10 minutes for the charger to detect the peak
charge. The battery will warm during this process,
which is normal.