Intek 400 User Manual

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Rheotherm flow monitors and flow switches offer reliable flow detection in liquids, gases and slurries.


They are manufactured exclusively by Intek, Inc. and employ a patented thermal technique used by
industry since 1978. The unique transducer designs have protected sensors, are easy to install and
require little or no maintenance.

Each Rheotherm flow meter consists of two elements — a transducer and an electronics unit. The
transducers come in two basic designs, intrusive and nonintrusive (SECTION 2.1). Design selection
is based on application constraints or customer preference. The Model 400 electronics, for signal
processing, are housed in an explosion-proof enclosure which is integrally mounted on the transducer.

The Model 400 flow switch/monitor is designed to be used for flow rate monitoring and trending, flow
/ no flow detection, or specific low and/or high level alarm(s) over a nominal 10 to 1 flow range. These
units can also be used to detect the presence or absence of liquid in a line. The Model 400 can be
ordered equipped with one SPDT relay and one 4-20mA nonlinear flow monitor output, or equipped
with two adjustable SPDT relay switches and no flow monitor output.

Key features of the Model 400 Rheotherm flow switches / flow monitors are:

No moving parts — There are no rotating, translating, undulating or oscillating parts to wear,
stick, break or fatigue.

Ruggedness/chemical compatibility — The wetted surface(s) can be any of a number of
corrosion resistant metals or alloys. There are no internal joints or seals in a TU or TUL type
transducer. The standard material of construction for the transducers is 316 stainless steel.

Immunity to shock and vibration.

Adjustable set point(s) with red/green bicolor LED.

4-20mA flow output for flow monitoring, trending or data logging.

User selectable time response enhancement feature.

Fluid pressure options to 5,000 psi.

The Model 400 flow switch/monitor is designed for moderate temperature applications. Intek, Inc. also
manufactures flow switches and precision linear flow meters to meet more demanding process
environments. Rheotherm instruments have proven performance in a wide variety of demanding liquid
and gas flow applications, including:

Low liquid flows from a few GPM down to 20 cc/day.
True mass flow in large diameter air/gas ducts.
Low liquid velocities in large lines (down to 0.5 ft/min).
Vacuum system air in-leak monitoring in power plants and other vacuum drying processes.