ZTE Blade S6 User Manual

Blade s6 quick start guide, Product safety information, Getting to know your phone

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Blade S6

Quick Start Guide


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We offer self-service for our smart terminal device users.
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Product Safety Information

Do not use hand-held while driving

Do not use while re-fuelling

For body-worn operation maintain a separation
of 15 mm
This device may produce a bright or flashing

Small parts may cause a choking hazard

Do not dispose of it in a fire

This device may produce a loud sound

To prevent possible hearing damage, do not
listen at high volume levels for long periods.

Avoid contact with magnetic media

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Keep away from pacemakers and other
personal medical devices

Avoid any contact with liquid, keep it dry

Switch off when instructed in hospitals and
medical facilities

Do not attempt to disassemble

Switch off when instructed in aircrafts and

Only use approved accessories

Switch off in explosive environments

Do not rely on this device for emergency

Getting to Know Your Phone

Proximity & Light


Volume Key

Power Key

Menu Key
Home Key

Back Key

microSDHC Card Slot

micro-SIM Card Slot


Front Camera

Headset Jack




Charging / USB


Back Camera