ZTE Blade C320 User Manual

Quick start guide, Starting up, Getting to know your phone

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Quick Start Guide


3. Hold your microSDHC card with the

metal contacts facing down and slide

it into the microSDHC card slot.

4. Align the connectors on the phone

and the battery and slide the battery

into the compartment. Then gently

press the battery down until it is

5. Align the back cover with the back of

the phone and press the cover back

into place. Make sure all the tabs are

secure and there are no gaps around

the cover.


Starting Up

Switch off your phone before installing or

replacing the battery or the SIM card.

The microSDHC™ card is optional and

can be installed and removed while the

phone is turned on. Unmount the
microSDHC card before removing it.
1. Place your finger in the slot at the

bottom of the back cover to lift and

remove the cover.

2. Hold the SIM card with its cut corner

oriented as shown and slip it into the

card holder.


Power Key

Press and hold to power on, select

phone modes, turn on/off airplane
mode, or power off.

Press to turn off or on the screen


Home Key

Touch to return to the home screen

from any application or screen.

Menu Key

Touch to get the options for the
current screen.

Touch and hold to see recently used


Back Key

Touch to go to the previous screen.

Volume Key

Press or hold to turn the volume up or




Getting to Know Your



Charging the Battery

1. Connect the adapter to the charging

jack. Ensure that the adapter is

inserted with the correct orientation.

Do not force the connector into the
charging jack.

2. Connect the charger to a standard AC

power outlet.

3. Disconnect the charger when the

battery is fully charged.



Front Camera

Headset Jack

Menu Key

Back Key

Touch Screen

Volume Key

Power Key

Home Key

Back Cover


Charging/ USB Jack