FRIGIDAIRE Affinity Washer FAHE4045QW User Manual

Top load washer, Fahe4045qw, Signature features

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Signature Features

WaterFall™ Wash Technology

with Immersion Care™ Action

WaterFall™ Wash Technology thoroughly
soaks the entire load while Immersion Care™
Action gently moves water and detergent
through clothes for better cleaning.

Best Cleaning Wash

Our exclusive wash system cleans your
clothes thoroughly, ensuring whiter whites
and tough stain removal, for maximum
cleaning even with large loads.

Gentlest Wash


Immersion Care™ Wash Action gently
spins and moves water and detergent
through clothes for more thorough,
gentle cleaning.

Fresh Water Rinse

Final rinse uses fresh water to ensure
whiter whites and reduce allergens.

Product Dimensions

Height 43"
Width 27"


More Easy To Use Features

Vibration Control System

Advanced vibration control keeps even

oversized loads balanced for smooth,

quiet operation. Ideal for second floor


DuraMotion™ Tub

with Lifetime Warranty

Seamless tub helps create unique

water action that gently, yet thoroughly,

immerses clothes for better cleaning —

and it has a lifetime warranty.

14 Cycles to Choose From

Offers you 14 wash cycles to choose

from to meet all of your washing needs

from washing jeans and kids’ clothing to

keeping your clothes their whitest.

Fits-More™ Washer

Our new design lets you wash more in

one load.

Whiter Whites

Our wash system gives you whiter whites

and more vibrant colors.

Energy Saver Option

When option is selected energy is reduced.


Designed for 20% quieter operation.

Automatic Temperature Control

Bright Interior Light

Available in:


Among leading HE Top Load washer brands $649

MSRP and under. Based on ANSI/AHAM HLW-1-2007

for 8 lb. load for various load compositions. Light Soil

Wash Cycle setting selected August 2012.




14 Wash Cycles

3.4 Cu. Ft. D.O.E.

Top Load Washer