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Frigidaire Affinity Washer FAHE4045QW

The Frigidaire Affinity FAHE4045QW is a top loading washer with dimensions of 27 inches wide, 29 inches deep, 43 inches high, and weight of 171 lbs. The capacity of its polypropylene wash drum is 3.4-cubic feet. Though in comparison with other washing machines the drum is not very large, but it is capable of handling a decent load of laundry. This seamless durable tub has a lifetime warranty, but as any plastic unit it seems to be not resistant to odors or stains.

As for the cleaning capabilities the Affinity FAHE 4045QW is very good, as it belongs to high efficiency (HE) top loader washers, and regarding performance and efficiency it combines all the advantages of a front load design and a top load washer. Gentle and at the same time scrupulous cleaning of your clothes is achieved due to Frigidaire patented Immersion Care wash action and WaterFall wash technology providing for gentle spinning and moving of water and detergent through your clothes. For final rinse Fresh Water rinse function is very helpful.

Unlike many new washing machines the Affinity FAHE 4045QW has neither steam nor sanitize cleaning which are very effective in soil removal and killing various bacteria. But this washer can boast a wide variety of features for you to do your laundry effective and pleasant.

The FAHE 4045QW offers 12 cycles, meeting all washing demands from bedding to delicates, including a presoak function and a quick wash option, allowing you to have your clothes washed very fast, much faster than in standard cycles. In addition it has two specialty cycles for washing jeans and children wear.

This washer features flexibility in handling different fabrics and conditions as there are 5 temperature settings as well as automatic temperature control to set the right temperature for the selected wash cycle; 5 spin speed settings from maximum to no spin; and 5 soil level settings accounting for how dirty your clothes are.

There is a digital time display on the top panel of the washing machine, which shows the remaining cycle time and allows you to arrange your time accordingly. After the wash cycle is finished the washer sets an end-of-cycle signal for you to know that the work is over. A very convenient function is Delay Start/End, enabling you to program start and end the wash cycle in accord with your schedule. Among other features there is a system of vibration control for preventing vibration of the machine even with very large loads and noises connected with that. This function is helpful when the washer is installed on the second floor. The Frigidaire Affinity FAHE4045QW is energy efficient, as it is ENERGY STAR certified, as well as compliant with the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier1. Besides the washer features the Energy Saver option, which enables to reduce more energy in the process of each wash cycle. The Frigidaire Affinity FAHE4045QW belongs to a group of home appliances of excellent performance and convenience. This user-friendly washing machine is as enjoyable in use as it is useful in life.
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