Digital content – Kindle Keyboard User Manual

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Appendix B


“Digital Content” means digitized electronic content such as books, newspapers, magazines,

journals, blogs, RSS feeds, games, and other static and interactive electronic content.

“Kindle” means our portable electronic reading device.

“Kindle Store” means our storefront through which you can shop for Digital Content or other items

offered by us or third parties and manage your Digital Content and account settings.

“Other Device” means a computer or device other than a Kindle on which you are authorized to

operate a Reading Application.

“Periodicals” means Digital Content made available to you on a subscription basis, such as

electronic newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs, and other subscription-based content.

“Reading Application” means software (including any updates/upgrades to that software) we make

available that permits users to shop for, download, browse, and/or use Digital Content on an Other


“Service” means the wireless connectivity that we provide Kindle users, the provision of Digital

Content, Software, and support and other services that we provide Kindle and Reading Application

users, and the terms and conditions under which we provide each of the foregoing.

“Software” means the Reading Applications and all software on the Kindle (including any

updates/upgrades to that software), and any related documentation that we make available to


Digital Content

Use of Digital Content. Upon your download of Digital Content and payment of any applicable fees

(including applicable taxes), the Content Provider grants you a non-exclusive right to view, use,

and display such Digital Content an unlimited number of times, solely on the Kindle or a Reading

Application or as otherwise permitted as part of the Service, solely on the number of Kindles or

Other Devices specified in the Kindle Store, and solely for your personal, non-commercial use.

Unless otherwise specified, Digital Content is licensed, not sold, to you by the Content Provider.