Battery safety, Headphone safety, Wireless safety and compliance – Kindle Keyboard User Manual

Page 3: Turn off wireless when flying

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Appendix B


Battery Safety

The rechargeable battery in your Kindle should be replaced only by an authorized service provider.

For more information about batteries, go to (U. S. or other

countries) or (U. K. customers). Charge the battery only in

temperatures that range from 32° to 95° Fahrenheit (0° to 35° Celsius).

Headphone Safety

Listening to audio at high volume for extended periods of time can cause hearing damage. To avoid

this problem, consider the tips below:

1. Keep the volume down.

2. Avoid prolonged, continuous listening.

3. Wear headphones that isolate the wanted audio from background noise.

Wireless Safety and Compliance

Turn Amazon Whispernet off in areas where wireless use is forbidden or when it may cause

interference or danger. Some specific situations are described below. In general, you should not

use your Kindle with Whispernet turned on any place you are not allowed to use a cellular device.

Turn Off Wireless When Flying

To prevent possible interference with aircraft systems, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

regulations and many other aviation agencies require you to have permission from a crew member

to use your device's wireless service. If you have your wireless service turned off, you can use your

Kindle for reading once a crew member has said it is okay to use electronic devices.