Lippert Components Level Up User Manual

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Rev: 12.15.2014

Page 9

Level Up Towable Owner's Manual

Manual Override

The LCI Level-Up® Automatic Leveling System can be manually operated with an electric drill. In the event of

electrical or system failure, this manual method of extending and retracting the jacks can be used. See the

instructions below.

NOTE: Unhook the power unit motor from the power source prior to attempting the manual override


1. Locate the valves that are paired with the landing gear or leveling jack to be manually overridden.

A. Landing Gear - Valve located on the landing gear (Fig. 6).
B. Leveling Jacks - Valve located on manifold (Fig. 7).

2. Using a 5/32” hex wrench, open the valve by turning the manual override set screw clockwise (Fig. 8A).
3. Remove protective label (Fig. 9A) from power unit to reveal the manual override coupler.
4. Using an electric drill with a 1/4" hex bit, insert the hex bit into the manual override coupler to

manually operate the Level-Up system (Fig. 10).
A. Run the drill forward (clockwise) to retract the landing gear or leveling jack (Fig. 10A).
B. Run the drill in reverse (counterclockwise) to extend the landing gear or leveling jack (Fig. 10B).

5. Be sure to turn the manual override set screw on the valve (Fig. 11A) back to the counterclockwise

position after extending or retracting the landing gear or leveling jack.






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