Maintenance, Accessories, Warning – Milwaukee Tool 5262-21 User Manual

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Maintaining Tools

Keep your tool in good repair by adopting a regular

maintenance program. Before use, examine the

general condition of your tool. Inspect guards,

switches, tool cord set and extension cord for

damage. Check for loose screws, misalignment,

binding of moving parts, improper mounting, bro-

ken parts and any other condition that may affect

its safe operation. If abnormal noise or vibration

occurs, turn the tool off immediately and have the

problem corrected before further use. Do not use a

damaged tool. Tag damaged tools “DO NOT USE”

until repaired (see “Repairs”).

Under normal conditions, relubrication is not neces-

sary until the motor brushes need to be replaced.

After six months to one year, depending on use,

return your tool to the nearest MILWAUKEE service

facility for the following:

• Lubrication

• Brush inspection and replacement

• Mechanical inspection and cleaning (gears,

spindles, bearings, housing, etc.)

• Electrical inspection (switch, cord, armature,


• Testing to assure proper mechanical and electri-

cal operation


Clean dust and debris from vents. Keep the tool

handles clean, dry and free of oil or grease. Use

only mild soap and a damp cloth to clean your tool

since certain cleaning agents and solvents are

harmful to plastics and other insulated parts. Some

of these include: gasoline, turpentine, lacquer thin-

ner, paint thinner, chlorinated cleaning solvents,

ammonia and household detergents containing

ammonia. Never use flammable or combustible

solvents around tools.

If your tool is damaged, return the entire tool to the

nearest service center.


For a complete listing of accessories refer to your

MILWAUKEE Electric Tool catalog or go on-line

to To obtain a catalog,

contact your local distributor or a service center.


To reduce the risk of injury,

always unplug your tool before performing

any maintenance. Never disassemble the tool

or try to do any rewiring on the tool’s electrical

system. Contact a milWaukee service facility

for ALL repairs.


To reduce the risk of injury,

electric shock and damage to the tool, never

immerse your tool in liquid or allow a liquid

to flow inside the tool.


To reduce the risk of injury,

always unplug the tool before attaching or

removing accessories. Use only specifically

recommended accessories. Others may be