NOYAFA NF-838 User Manual

Page 3

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Please read and learn safety instructions
before use or maintain the equipment

Please store the test in right place and operate in correct way in

case of the sharp probe hurts sb .

Never expose the equipment directly in the sun.

Never put the equipment in the place with much dust, humidity and

high temperature (over 40


Please use battery according to the specification; otherwise, it

may result in damage to equipment.

Please never dismount the equipment arbitrarily. The maintenance

and care shall be conducted by professional personnel.

Please take out the battery in launcher and receiver if the

equipment is not used for a long time so as to prevent that the

battery liquid is leaked in future.

Never use the equipment to detect power cord with electricity

(such as power supply circuit of 220V), other wise, it may result in

damage to equipment and personal injury.

Never conduct related operation of communication line in

thunderstorm weather so as to prevent lightning stroke and

impact on personal safety.

Your excellent helper in cable test!