Instructions for product – NOYAFA NF-838 User Manual

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Instructions for product

Turn on the tester. Meanwhile, the default of system is wire map

testing, LCD display is as follows if the cable is not connected.

Wire map testing (Take RJ45 as an example)

Test Result1: Short circuit (SHORT)

If there is short circuit of cable or terminal, three “tick, tick and tick”

will come out from emitter. Meanwhile, LCD display the picture below:

(take 3,4-short circuit as example)

At this moment, press “TEST” key to restart again. If the short circuit

still occurs, please solve “short” circuit problem before measuring.

Turn on the tester, connect one end of the cable to emitter, and the

other end is connected to RJ45 port of remote identifier.Press “test”

to start , if the cable is shielded (or earthing wire), LCD will display

“STP”; if the cable is unshielde (or earthing wire), LCD will display

“UTP”; press “light” key in dim environment.

Your excellent helper in cable test!