Main functions and features – NOYAFA NF-818 User Manual

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Main Functions and features

● Break the defect of the poor anti-interference and loud noise .

● Capable of avoiding the interference of strong current , daylight

lamp , indicator and other charged devices.

● To quickly find the target wire or cable among the plenty of BNC

cable, monitoring line and other various kinds of wires.

● To perform cable tracking on video and monitors with power-on.

● To sequence the BNC line and monitoring line.

● To connect the monitoring line directly, other kinds of cables with

two crocodile clips.

● Lighting lamp enables to use in a dark environment.

● Appearance : Humanization design with buckle and easy to carry.

●Portable unit with long battery life (wait-case 50 hours).

●Self-checking function and automatically compensate any change

in battery capacity or ambient temperature.

Your excellent helper in cable test!