Description of product, Product features, Volume adjusting function – NOYAFA NF-818 User Manual

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Description of product

NF-818 Wire tracker for BNC and monitoring cables is our latest

product. It is designed to trace coaxial cable, metal lines ,and single

conducting wire to test the status of the cables , identify wire fault .

Thus, it is widely used in the field of cabling and maintenance for

coaxial cabl and monitoring cable.

Product features

Break the defect of the poor anti-interference and loud noise .

It can avoid the interference of strong current , daylight lamp ,

indicator and other charged devices.

To quickly find the target wire or cable among the plenty of BNC

cable, monitoring line and other various kinds of wires.

To perform cable tracking on video and monitors with power-on.

To connect the monitoring line and telephone cable directly with

the two crocodile clips , which avoid the trouble of making

monitor connector .

To sequence the BNC line and monitoring line.

Lighting lamp enables to use in a dark environment.

Appearance : Humanization design with buckle and easy to carry.

While tracing wire , volume can be adjusted to proper voice.

Volume adjusting function

Your excellent helper in cable test!