Prompts for setting up a dsd configuration – Cisco OL-6349-01 User Manual

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Cisco Info Center Installation and Configuration Guide, 3.6.1


Chapter 6 Desktop Info Servers

Installing a Dual Server Desktop Architecture

Prompts for Setting Up a DSD Configuration

Table 6-1

summarizes the OINSTALL installation prompts for DSD configuration and the required

responses to the prompts.

Table 6-1

DSD Configuration Prompts



Do you want to enable SSL configuration for

any of the components? (y/n)? [n]

Do one of the following:

To accept the default setting (no SSL
configuration), press Return.

If you want to configure SSL
communications for the Info Server and the
Dual Desktop, enter y.


Note the limitations on configuring a DSD
architecture with SSL enabled described
in the

“Configuring a DSD Architecture

with SSL Enabled” section on page 6-3


Configure Info Server failover on Info

Server y/n)? [n]

Press Return to accept the default setting (no

Do you want to configure this server to be

part of a Dual Desktop Server (DSD)

architecture? (y/n)? [n]

Enter y.

The following messages appear:

INFO: Creating the new Info Server


INFO: Generating the databases files..

INFO: Configuring INFOSERVER for DSD



<INFO_SERVER_NAME> the Master Info

Server in the DSD configuration? (y/n)? [y]

This prompt appears if you specify that the Info
Server is to be part of a DSD architecture.

Do one of the following:

To accept the default setting (the Info Server
that you are configuring on this host, named
INFO_SERVER_NAME will be the Master
Info Server in the DSD architecture), press

If the Info Server installed on the will not be
the Master Info Server in the DSD
configuration, enter n.