Cisco SFS 7008P User Manual

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Cisco SFS 7008P InfiniBand Server Switch
Installation and Configuration Note

Product number: PID=78-17434-01 Rev. A0

This installation and configuration note describes how to install and configure the Cisco SFS 7008P
switch. This publication contains these sections:

Safety Overview, page 2

Parts List, page 2

Required Tools, Equipment, and Personnel, page 2

Before You Install, page 3

Installing the Cisco SFS 7008P Switch into a Rack, page 6

Troubleshooting, page 20

Translated Safety Warnings, page 21

Obtaining Documentation, page 27

Documentation Feedback, page 27

Cisco Product Security Overview, page 28

Obtaining Technical Assistance, page 29

Obtaining Additional Publications and Information, page 31