Fm transmitter – Clarion RPNP Plug and Play Receiver User Manual

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User’s Guide


Rotate the Encoder knob to highlight the
option or setting and press the knob to
select it.

Press MENU to return to Color options

FM Transmitter

This option controls whether frequency modulation
(FM) is used, and sets the frequency.

You would use the FM transmitter if, when you
installed the vehicle kit you chose a wireless
connection between the Plug and Play receiver and
the radio.

Switching FM On and Off

ON (the default) enables the unit to receive signals

from an FM transmitter

OFF disables FM reception

Turn this option off if you are using
the low level audio outputs in your
particular application.

Setting the frequency

The available frequencies are: 88.1MHz, 88.3MHz,
88.5MHz, 88.7MHz, 88.9MHz, 89.1MHz, 89.3MHz,
89.5MHz, 89.7MHz, 89.9MHz, 91.1MHz, and
91.3MHz. You may need to change the frequency if
the default frequency in your area is used by a radio

When you select this option, the unit displays the
frequency settings with the highlight bar on the
currently selected frequency (default is 88.9MHz).

Use the Encoder knob to select a new frequency, or
press MENU to leave the setting unchanged.