Using the remote control, Using the remote – Clarion RPNP Plug and Play Receiver User Manual

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User’s Guide


Time Zone: Eastern

Daylight Savings Time: Observed

Alarm: OFF

Alarm Time: 12.00pm

Program Alert Time: 12.00pm

Program Alert Day: Monday

Program Alert Stream: current stream

Auto Shutdown: OFF

Sleep Mode: OFF

The wireless remote control supplied with the Plug
and Play receiver operates most Plug and Play
receiver features from a remote location. The
buttons on the remote control function the same way
their equivalents do on the Plug and Play receiver.

For optimal operation, always aim the remote
control toward the remote sensor on the Plug and
Play receiver’s front panel. To locate this sensor,
see “Plug and Play receiver controls (front panel)”
on page 9.

4. Using the Remote