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Displaying the Plug-in Module CS-U Control Panel

The Plug-in Module CS-U control panel is used to perform scans. Plug-in Module
CS-U can be opened from CanoScan Toolbox CS or ArcSoft PhotoStudio 2000 and
other plug-in compatible application programs.
To quit Plug-in Module CS-U, click on the close box at the top left of the control

Menu Bar
Click on any menu item to display
more options in a pull-down menu.

Adjusts the settings for the scanning job such as the scan mode,
output device, resolution and magnification.

The image size and disk size that were
specified in the preview window are
automatically displayed here.

Preview Window
Displays the image in preview mode.

Click the appropriate button to zoom, rotate or browse the image
or correct colors, adjust the histogram or start the preview or scan.

Close Box
Quits Plug-in Module CS-U.

RGB Values
Displays the R, G,and B values at the
current cursor position (pre-adjusted
value/post-adjusted value)

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