Scanning procedures – Canon N650U User Manual

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Scanning Procedures

Follow these procedures to use Plug-in Module CS-U.

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Is the scanner attached?

Prepare for Scanning

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Position the Original


Select the Output Device

Set the Resolution and Magnification

Set the Scan Mode

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Set the Scan Area



Save Scanned Images

If the current brightness
and color pose no problem,
there is no need to adjust
these settings.


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Adjust and Edit Scanned Images

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Verify the Image before Scanning

(Browser Window)

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Are the Brightness and Color Satisfactory?

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Tone Curve

Brightness and Contrast

Color Balance

Gamma Value

Threshold Value

Auto Tone (ColorSync



Unsharp Mask


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Is Plug-in Module CS-U installed?

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Refer to the scanner's
Getting Started guide
to attach it.

Refer to the scanner's
Getting Started guide
to install it.

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