SeaShell SS-2 Quick Setup Guide User Manual

Quick setup guide, Ss-1/ss-2, Universal water proof camera case

background image

Front Housing
Rear Housing
Shutter Button
Power On/Off


Hanging Clamps
Water Sealing

Lubricant Grease
Actuator Shafts
Probe Pad
Strip Mount

Lens Window
Lock Button
Fish Tail Cushion
Partie avant
Brace Hole

Screen Pad
Neck Strap
Hand Strap
Mini Spanner

Length of Power On/Off Actuator

and Shutter Actuator

Length of Top Fish Tail

Type Cushions

Length of Left Fish Tail

Type Cushions

Length of Bottom Fish

Tall Type Cushions

Length of Right Fish

Tail Type Cushions

Thickness of Back Foam Pad

Length of Round

Type Cushions

Remove the strip from

camera (if any)




Choose the correct Screen

Pad for thickness and screen


- Remove the appropriate block

from the Screen Pad.

- Affix the Screen Pad to the read


- Insert the Round Cushions into the four

cushion holders on the front housing.

- Please be sure that the Round Cushions are

properly affixed.

- Insert the Fish Tails into the slots on the camera case’s

front housing.

- Place the camera into the front housing and check that

the Fish Tails (on four sides) can keep the camera in

place properly.

- Replace and or adjust the length of the Fish Tails as


- Using the Mini Spanner tool, loosen the shutter actuator shaft.

- After placing the camera into the front housing, move the Hanging Clamp and Shutter

Actuator Shaft to be directly over the shutter release button.

- Lock the Shutter Actuator Shaft in place.

- Check to make sure the Shutter Actuator Shaft position is correct.

- Make re-adjustments if required.

- Use the same procedure for the

Power On/Off Actuator Shaft.

Install Screen Pad

Install Actuator Shafts

Install Round Type



Install Fish Tail Type



Test before Use

Installing Camera

Rear Housing

Front Housing

Test the Operation of the Camera

Load the camera into


Close the Seashell

housing by flipping

the lock

Test the lock by pulling the

lock to see if it is secured

- Close the Seashell camera case without the camera

installed .

- Submerge the Seashell to a depth of 200mm for at least 5

minutes to ensure there is no water leak.

- Insert the camera into the Seashell.
- Close the housing by flipping the lock.
- Test the lock by pulling on the latch to see if it is secured.
- Check the operation of the camera.

Pre-Installation Preparation

Camera Preparation

Use the supplied Fish Tail Type Cushions, Round Type

Cushions, and Screen Pads provided.

* Please refer to User Manual for detailed installation steps.

Use the Fitting Sheet (Cross Section Diagram) to help determine the size of

the Fish Type Cushions and Actuator Shafts.

Use the Fitting Sheet (Top View Diagram) to help determine the length of the

Round Type Cushions and Screen Pad.

- Turn the power of the camera to the “On” position.
- Set the camera to “Power Saving” mode, (if available).
- Set the camera to “Under Water” mode or “Auto” mode.
- Set the camera to Auto ISO or ISO400 or above.
- Set the camera to “Auto Review”, (if required).
- Set the camera to the widest angle.
- Remove the camera strap.

Please refer to the User Manual for detailed installation steps.

* Before operating or adjusting this product, please read the entire User Manual.

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Universal Water Proof Camera Case

Quick Setup Guide

Illustration of Seashell SS-1 are used for the “Quick Setup Guide”
purpose. The operational procedures are the same for the
Seashell SS-2.

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