SeaShell SS-i Quick Setup Guide User Manual

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1. Lens Window

2. Lens Ring

3. Button A

4. Button B

5. Button C

6. Button D

7. Lock

8. Lock Button

9. Lens Hood Cover

10. Side Spacer

11. Front Spacer

12. Strap Mount

13. Brace Hole

14. Lock Hinge

15. Button A - Rubber Head

16. Button B - Rubber Head

17. Button C - Rubber Head

18. Button D - Rubber Head

19. Cushion Holder

20. Back Foam Cushion

21. O-Ring

22. Hinge

23. O-Ring Grease







iPhone 3G / 3GS







iPhone 4 / 4S


Insert the Front Spacer into the four cushion

slots on the front housing. Please be sure that

the Front Spacers are properly affixed.

Adjust your iPhone


in a dry surface before loading it to SS-i:

- Insert the Side Spacer into the slots on the camera

case’s front housing.

- Place the iPhone


into the front housing and check

that the Side Spacers (on two sides) can keep the



in place properly. Replace the Side Spacers as


Install Front Spacer


Install Side Spacer


Test before Use

Installing iPhone


Test the Operation of the iPhone


Load the iPhone



Seashell SS-i

Flip the Lock to close

the housing

Pull the lock to test if it is


• Ensure the inside surface of SS-i is clean and dry without

installing the iPhone



• Close the case and flip the Lock to the front of housing. Push

gently and lock.

• Put the housing into at least 200 mm deep water for 5 minutes.
• Check if there is any water seepage inside the housing.
• If there is no water leak, take out the housing, dry it with a


• Set the iPhone


to camera function and load the iPhone



the housing.

• Repeat the steps to lock the housing before putting it to water.
• Check if the button functions are working while in water.

Pre-installation Preparation


Preparation of iPhone


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Seashell iPhone


Waterproof Photo Housing

Quick Setup Guide

• Seashell iPhone


Waterproof Photo Housing is suitable to different models of iPhone


. List of

supported models can be found from our site (

• Some spacers are pre-set in SS-i to directly load iPhone


4 / 4S models. Illustrated below is the

recommended sizes of Side and Front spaces for iPhone


3G, 3Gs, 4 & 4S without an iPhone



• iPhone


with a jacket can fit into SS-i by adjusting the sizes of spacers.

• While configuring your iPhone


into SS-i housing, leave some spaces between the iPhone



the spacers. User do not need to fit the iPhone


to the housing too tightly. SS-i housing can well

enclosed the iPhone



Please refer to the User Manual for detailed installation steps.

* Before operating or adjusting this product, please read the entire User Manual.


The copyright of the trademark “iPhone” is held by Apple Inc..

a. Make sure the battery has enough charge.
b. Make sure the iPhone


has enough memory.

c. Make sure the touchscreen of the iPhone


operates well.

d. Set the iPhone


to Airplane Mode and switch off all

alarms and notifications.

e. Set the iPhone


Auto-Lock function to “Never”.

f. Move the Camera icon to the bottom right corner of the


g. Adjust the brightness of the iPhone


screen to the

highest level.

h. Lock the Portrait Orientation to make sure the screen

does not auto-rotate.

i. Set the iPhone switch off the flash (iPhone



j. If you need to use other photo functions, follow the

instructions released from Apple Inc. to manage photos

and video in your iPhone



If you have finished all the preparation for SS-i housing and



, you can load the iPhone


into the housing.

* The Camera icon should be the end of right and do not move Mail or

Message at the left side of these icons when moving the four icons to
the bottom right corner. It is wrong procedure, but push Button D before
goes to photo taking mode by pushing Button C, the message screen
will display for the confirmation. The iPhone* should be unloaded to
clear this message.