SilentKnight SKE-SRM Remote Microphone Module User Manual

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P/N 151396

SKE-SRM Remote Microphone

Module Installation Instructions

The SKE-SRM is a supervised remote
microphone assembly that can be added to the
SKE-Series voice evacuation system.


The SKE-SRM is compatible with the SKE-
Series voice evacuation system.


It is important to protect the SKE-SRM control
panel from water. To prevent water damage, the
following conditions should be avoided when
installing the units:

Do not mount directly on exterior walls,
especially masonry walls (condensation)

Do not mount directly on exterior walls
below grade (condensation)

Protect from plumbing leaks

Protect from splash caused by sprinkler
inspection ports

Do not mount in areas with humidity-gener-
ating equipment (such as dryers, production

When selecting a location to mount the SKE-
SRM cabinet, the unit should be mounted where
it will NOT be exposed to temperatures outside
the range of 0°C-49°C (32°F-120°F) or humidity
outside the range of 10%-85% at 30°C (86°F)

To mount the remote microphone cabinet:

1. Remove the SKE-SRM from it’s packing


2. Unlock the cabinet and remove the cabinet


3. Unplug microphone from microphone

connector. Place microphone in a safe
location while completing cabinet

4. Remove the cover plate by un-screwing the

four cover plate screws. Set the screws aside
for later use.

5. Remove the remote microphone chassis

assembly by un-screwing the two chassis
assembly screws. See Figure 1.

Figure 1: Remote Microphone Chassis Assembly