2 creating & editing source codes, 2 creating & editing source codes -2 – Solvline LemonIDE Ver 1.0e User Manual

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User’s Guide

Project View

Displays project lists included in Workspace.

Make View

Displays headers, functions, structures and classes of editing source code

Edit View

Used for source code editing. Composed of multiple tabs for multiple source code edit.

Message View

Display messages during project buid and LemonIDE supported Target Browers

5.2 Creating & Editing Source Codes

Create a new source file or open an existing source file.

There are two cases in adding source files to a project: creating new files or importing existing files.

When editing an existing file, double click on the file to edit on Project View and the file will be opened in Edit


To create a new source file, select “File” Æ “New” Æ “Source File” and assign proper saving location

and name for the new file. The created new file can be seen in the Project View and will be opened in Edit View for


Image below shows procedures on creating “hello.c” in “src” project, under “Eddy_APPs”folder.