Design philosophy – Sutherland 20/20 User Manual

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Beautiful On the Inside

FR-4 fi berglass circuit boards, Double-sided with plated thru holes

Dale/Vishay 1% metal fi lm resistors

Wima Polypropylene capacitors for power supply by passing

Custom wound, 1% polystyrene fi lm capacitors for equalization

14 gauge cold rolled steel chassis

baked epoxy powder coat fi nish

1/2 “ thick anodized aluminum panel

front panel artwork anodized in

gold plated, Tefl on insulated RCA connectors

gold plated confi guration headers and sockets

output muted during power up and power down



Don’t be looking for power connections on the back panel. Instead, you will fi nd them located at the

front and under the cover. That is one of those form follows function decisions. The front of the circuit

board IS where the power enters the circuit, there fore that is where the connector went. On your car,

the gas cap is very near the gas tank. It is not located at the opposite end of the car.

Putting the entry point at the front permits power supply wires (low voltage DC) to be routed well away

from all the sensitive part of the circuit. Contrast that with the AC IEC power connector (high voltage

AC) conventionally located on the back panel very near the preamp circuitry and all the input/output