Operation – Sutherland 20/20 User Manual

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Initial Set Up

Release the top cover by removing the four knurled screws on the sides of the chassis. At the left rear of

each circuit board, you will find jumpers which are clearly labeled for changing cartridge loading and gain

settings. The 20/20 is shipped with a cartridge loading of 100 Ohms and a gain of 60 dB. If you wish to

change those values, simply move the jumper to the correct location for each channel. Make sure that you

match the loading and gain setting for each channel.

Gain Options

40 dB 46 dB 52 dB 58dB 64 dB

Loading Options

47.5 k Ohm 1 k Ohm 475 Ohm 200 Ohm 100 Ohm