Zipper's Performance 117-097 User Manual

Zipper's Performance For motorcycles

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Installation Instructions for

Zippers Thunderbird XL

Air Cleaner Kit

Part # 117-096, 117-097

List of Materials

(1) Gasket, carb to a/c backplate

(1) Air cleaner backplate

(2) Breather bolts

(4) ½” Sealing washers

(1) Chrome breather tube

(2) Hose clamps

(1) Pre-formed breather hose

(1) 1/8”NPT x 3/8” fitting

(3) Air filter mounting stanchions

(3) Torx head cap screws

(3) ¼” thick spacers

(1) Thunderbird air filter element

1. Remove existing air cleaner cover, filter,
backplate and breather/support bolts (2).
Do not remove the support bracket. Retain
the cover and cover mounting bracket.

2. Place a sealing washer on both sides of
the breather tube banjo fittings and install
the chrome breather tube with the hose
nipple on the front head using the banjo
bolts supplied (be careful to center the
sealing washers during tightening; use blue
Loctite®). Do not overtighten.

3. Install the supplied hose fitting into the
backplate; attach the hose to the fitting.
Hold the backplate with the fitting at 12
o’clock and position the hose to the right as
shown in the photo. Tighten the clamp.

4. Install the gasket to the backplate and
install the backplate using the supplied
stanchions with blue Loctite®. Attach the
backplate hose to the chrome breather tube.

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