Zipper's Performance Red Shift Cams TC User Manual

Twin cam® installation guide, Installation introduction, Recommended parts to install

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Thank you for purchasing a set of Red Shift Performance Cams! Red Shift Cams are developed and manufactured to the highest
standards by Zipper’s Performance Products. We grind each cam on custom designed Berco® machines that are the most advanced
in the industry. We control the design, manufacturing and testing processes on site, to provide you with excellent quality control and
batch consistency for a better finished product.

Although the process to make a set of Red Shift Cams is time consuming and painstakingly difficult, no expense is spared in creating
the most accurate and dynamically stable camshafts on the market today. Red Shift Cams will make you smile every time you reach
for the throttle. Red Shift Cams are produced by a team with decades of experience in racing, street riding, and manufacturing
experience. No matter what your application is, Red Shift Cams can help you meet or exceed your performance goals.

The information in this document is meant to share our own engine development discoveries with our customers. These “best
practices" we perform on our engines yield outstanding results in enhancing and strengthening the durability of the Twin Cam®
engine, in any high performance application.

Installation Introduction:

To successfully install a new set of Red Shift Camshafts, the following inspection procedures must be performed to ensure proper

operation of your valve train. The oiling system must be operating correctly for proper valve train control, component reliability, and

the final power output. If you do not have the correct factory Service Manual, obtain one before starting this installation. Be sure to

follow all tear down and assembly instructions, and heed all cautions and warnings presented.

Before beginning the teardown, make sure that you’ve got the proper tools and parts ready to complete the installation.

Recommended Parts to Install:

Recommended Specialty Tools:


Red Shift Cams


Cam Plate Pressure Tester



Red Shift Dual Piston Chain Tensioners (07-UP) #413-901


Crankshaft Run-out Checker #772-015


Complete Gasket Kit


Inner Bearing Removal Tool #758-279 (99-06)


High Quality Lifters

#758-993 (07-UP)


High Quality Adjustable Pushrods (if required)


Inner Bearing Install Tool

#758-787 (ALL TC)


Full Compliment Inner Cam Bearings


Cam Sprocket Lock Tool

#758-285 (99-06)

99-06 – Inner / Outer Bearing Kit - Chain Drive #417-450

#758-994 (07-UP)

- Gear Drive #417-455


99-06 Spring Release Tool


07-UP – Inner Bearing Kit – Chain & Gear Drive #417-460



Zipper’s TC Cam Relief Tool

#713-905 (Single)


Precision Ground Oil Pressure Relief Valve


#713-906 (Dual)


07-UP – Gear Drive Cams Only – Block-off Plates


Teardown Procedure:

1.) Read the factory Service Manual’s Cam Compartment Service procedure; and the associated section on Stripping the

Motorcycle for Service.

2.) Following the factory Service Manual’s procedure, remove all components from the motorcycle that will interfere with the

rocker box and cam chest disassembly. This includes the fuel tank, exhaust system, and the floorboard, for example.

3.) Remove the entire Rocker Arm / Stand Assemblies, and set them aside for further inspection.

4.) Remove the Cam Support Plate subassembly & associated parts, including the oil pump.

5.) Disassemble the Cam Support Plate subassembly; removing the camshafts, tensioners, and oil pump from the support plate. On

’99-’06 engines, you will need a special tool to release the spring pressure on the cam chain tensioners. Be sure to install the

retaining lock pins if you are reusing the spring style cam chain tensioners on ’99-’06 engines.

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