Setting up wpa, wpa2, or wpa + wpa2, Range extender ip address setup – NETGEAR Universal WiFi Range Extender WN2000RPT User Manual

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Chapter 2. Range Extender Network Settings



Universal WiFi Range Extender WN2000RPT

Key 1

Key 4. These values are not case-sensitive. You can manually enter the four

data encryption keys. These values must be identical on all computers and access
points in your network. Enter 10 hexadecimal digits (any combination of 0

9, a

f, or




Select which of the four keys will be the default.

Data transmissions are always encrypted using the default key. The other keys can be
used only to decrypt received data. The four entries are disabled if WPA-PSK or WPA
authentication is selected.


Click Apply to save your settings.

Setting Up WPA, WPA2, or WPA + WPA2

Both WPA and WPA2 provide strong data security. WPA with TKIP can be used on Windows
systems with Service Pack 2 or later. WPA2 with AES is a hardware implementation; see
your device documentation before implementing it.

To configure WPA or WPA2 in the range extender:


On the Wireless Setting screen, select the radio button for the WPA or WPA2 option of

your choice.


The settings displayed on the screen depend on which security option you select.


For WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK, enter the passphrase.


Click Apply to save your settings.

Range Extender IP Address Setup

From the range extender menu at, under the Maintenance heading,
select IP Address.

The IP Address screen shows whether the range extender is set to get its IP address
dynamically from the router (this is the most common setting), or is set as a static IP address.

Get Dynamically From Router

. The wireless network router assigns an IP address when

the range extender connects to its wireless network. Most networks are set up so that the
router automatically does this.

Use Static IP Address

. Specify a static IP address. This is not usually necessary. If you

set this up, you should be technically experienced or have a technically experienced
person help you.


IP Address

. The static IP address.


IP Subnet Mask

. The subnet mask associated with the IP address.


Gateway IP Address

. The IP address for the gateway.


Primary DNS

. The primary domain name server (DNS).


Secondary DNS

. The secondary domain name server (DNS).