Durst Roll-to-Roll UV Inkjet-Printer Rho 160R User Manual

Rho 160r roll-to-roll uv inkjet-printer

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Rho 160R

Roll-to-Roll UV Inkjet-Printer

Durst introduces a new, compact high speed roll to roll UV inkjet

printer to the market leading Rho range of UV inkjet printers.

The Rho 160R is engineered with the same tried and tested tech-

nology as other members of the Rho family and offers exceptional

productivity, quality and flexibility.

Designed for use with both Rho Roll inks and 3M UV Premium

inks, the Rho 160R provides extremely durable and vibrant images

for indoor and outdoor applications, which are covered by an MCS

warranty for up to 5 years!

Quadro Array Technology

Durst’s own revolutionary Quadro Array

printhead technology achieves the

combination of the highest productivity

with the finest image quality and is

featured in all the Durst Rho UV inkjets.

Advantages of the Rho 160R:

• High output speed – up to 65 m


/hr (700 sq ft/hr) in 2 Pass

Mode at 400 dpi

• 400/600 dpi (addressable)

• Maximum printing width 157,5 cm (62 in.)

• Maximum printing length – unlimited

• Durst Rho 160R proprietary user software and RIP based on

Linux on-the-fly image processing (scaling, pixel interpolation,

corrections, cropping, paneling, dithering)

• Unattended printing 24/7

• Scotchprint® Graphics brand eligibility

• Very good ink adhesion

• High flexibility of the ink and conformability of the inks

around rivets and corrugations

• Fast media changing with min. media waste

• 4-color CMYK UV-Inkjet Printing System with Upgrade

options for 2 spot colors

• Eligible to