Durst Theta 76 User Manual

Theta 76 theta 76 hs multi format lab system

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Theta 76

Theta 76 HS

Multi Format Lab System

The production of small and large print

sizes directly from image files is made easy

with our fully digital Multi-Lab System

Theta 76/76 HS. Please observe closely,

because the Theta 76 produces all images

continuously on RA4 roll media up to a

maximum width of 76.2 cm, thus allowing

print sizes from 9 x 13 cm (3.5 x 5 in.) to

76,2 cm x 4 m (30 in. x 13 ft). With this

enormous flexibility a multitude of new

applications and business opportunities are

opening themselves for you. Whether its

portrait or wedding photography, whether

studio or minilab – there are no jobs that

you can not accomplish at optimum

quality. Theta prints with a resolution

of 254 ppi continuous tone (which

corresponds with about 1.200 dpi) and a

linear printing speed of up to a max. of

72 cm (28 in.) per minute. This means,

that you can from now on reliably produce

standard print sizes, panorama prints, each

with or without cropping, package prints,

print series and so on, either as cut single

images or as panels up to 4 m (13 ft.).

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