Eagle Tree eLogger V4 User Manual

Intended uses, Instruction manual for the elogger v4, Key features

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Copyright © 2003-2010 Eagle Tree Systems, LLC

Instruction Manual for the eLogger V4

Document Version 1.7,

Model # MPRV4-CONN-100,

MPRV4-LEADS-100, and


Thank you for your purchase! This instruction
manual will guide you through the installation and
operation of your eLogger.

Please read the entire manual carefully before
If, after you read the manual
(including the Troubleshooting sections!) you have
further questions or problems, please visit our web
support page for additional support options, at


. Note that the latest version of this manual is

available in PDF form from the Support page of our

Please also fill out the registration form at the end of
this manual if you did not purchase your eLogger
directly from Eagle Tree Systems, so we can send
you important update information.

Intended Uses

The eLogger V4 is intended to be used exclusively
for recreational purposes in model planes, boats and
cars. Using the eLogger for other purposes is not
supported. Further, using the eLogger in situations
where its use or failure could result in loss of life,
bodily injury or property damage is expressly
prohibited. Eagle Tree Systems, LLC, is not
responsible for your use of this product, or for
any damages or injuries you may cause or sustain
as a result of its usage.

Key Features

Here are a few of the features of the eLogger:

Logs pack current to +/- 100 amps peak (150 amps peak with MPRV4-LEADS-150) and voltage from about 5
volts to 80 volts

Current is measured with a Hall Effects Sensor

Adjustable logging rate (from 50 samples per second to one sample every 5 minutes)

16 times the logging space of the standard eLogger V3, and lossless data compression. Typically logs all
available sensors for about four hours, at 10Hz.

All data are logged to permanent memory, which retains the data even when the power is removed

Fully compatible with our OSD Pro expander

Includes Y cable for throttle position logging