Eagle Tree eLogger Memory Upgrade Expander User Manual

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Instruction Manual for MicroPower eLogger Memory Upgrade Expander

Document Version 1.1

Thank you for your purchase! This instruction manual will guide you through the installation and operation of your MicroPower eLogger
Memory Upgrade (the Memory). Please read the entire manual carefully before proceeding

. If, after you read the manual, you have further

questions or problems, see the Support page on


for additional information, or email us at [email protected].

IMPORTANT: It is extremely unlikely that the installation of the Memory will affect your model’s radio range or control. But, as
always after making an electronics change to your model, it is very important that you range and function test your model once the
Memory is installed to ensure that there is no impact on your system. Make sure that your “antenna down” operating range is within the
manufacturer’s specifications. See your Radio owner’s manual for the correct procedure for your equipment. DO NOT OPERATE IF

Packing List

Your package should include the following: The Memory, and a printed version of this manual. Please check our support web page for
the electronic version of this manual which may be updated if changes were made after printing.

What the Memory Does

The Memory Upgrade connects to your eLogger to increase the logging memory by 5 times! The expanded memory is automatically
detected and used when it is connected to the eLogger.

Supported Products

The Memory works with all versions of the MicroPower eLogger product.

Steps to Follow

Installation and use of your Memory should be quite easy and enjoyable if you follow these few steps:

1. Read through the manual to understand the warnings, determine the installation and setup sequence, etc.
2. Upgrade the Windows Application and Firmware for your Recorder as described in the “Windows Application and Firmware Update”

section below.

3. Install and configure the Memory as described below.

Windows Application and Firmware Update

To use the Memory, you must update to Eagle Tree Windows Application version 5.50 or
higher. To update, download the latest application from the support page of our website,
located at


. After downloading and installing

the Application, the firmware of your MicroPower eLogger will need to be updated. Version
4.91 or greater eLogger/ firmware is required for the Memory to work correctly.

Connecting the Memory to the MicroPower

The Memory plugs into the “Aux” or “LCD” port of your MicroPower eLogger, as shown in
Figure 1. If you have a PowerPanel or other MicroSensors, those can “daisy chain” connect
to the pins on the other side of your Memory, with the polarity as indicated on the Memory

Using the Extra Memory

If you have not already done so, set up the Recorder software as described in your instruction manual. Then, whenever you want to use
the extra memory capacity, just make sure that the Memory is connected to the eLogger when you power up the logger, and when you
download data.

IMPORTANT: after using your eLogger in your model, don’t forget to have the Memory connected when you download data!
The memory expander could be taped or “velcroed” to your eLogger to ensure that the two don’t get separated.

If the Memory is connected correctly, during data download the “Download In Progress” window will show a memory capacity that is
much larger than the capacity that is shown without the Memory connected.