Operating instructions – Elenco Triple Supply w/ 12.6VAC CT @ 1A User Manual

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Input Voltage


Current Protection


Output Voltage

1) 1.25-15VDC @ 1A

(at 120V input)

2) –1.25 - –15VDC @ 1A
3) 5VDC @ 3A
4) 6.3, 12.6CTAC @ 1A

Output Regulation

200mV each supply

Line Regulation

100mV each supply

Ripple Max

5mV rms

Current Protection

1A limit 2-15VDC
3A limit 5VDC

Short Protection

1A limit 2-15VDC
3A limit 5VDC

Output Impedance

0.2Ω ±15VDC
0.06Ω 5VDC




1. Check the voltage rating of the equipment to be powered. Care must be taken not to exceed this rating.

2. Plug the line cord into a 120V, 60Hz AC outlet.

3. Adjust the voltage control to desired voltage. Load variation will have practically no effect on the voltage

setting due to the special regulation circuit.

4. Connect the positive lead of your equipment to the red output terminal and the negative lead to the black

terminal when using the positive supplies. For the negative voltage use the yellow terminal.

5. Care must be taken not to exceed the current reading, as the supplies will turn themselves off if overheated.

6. The Model XP-720 has an added feature of having the positive and negative supplies being able to be

stacked to give up to 30V at 1 ampere. Simply use the negative 1.25 to 15V output (yellow jack) as your minus
supply connection. For the positive connection, use the positive 1.25 to 15V red terminal. This will allow you
to obtain a variable 2.5V to 30V at up to 1 ampere out.

CAUTION: The maximum output current for the AC section is 1 amp. Overloading the output or shorting the
6.3VAC to ground will damage the transformer.